Funeral Keepsakes and Memory Boxes

Funerals and keepsakes are one in the same. A funeral is a time to remember and cherish the life that was lived. It’s a time to share fond memories and celebrate life. These memories are kept by friends, family members and by the attendees at funerals or memorial services. A keepsake will always remind guests at such events of the life lived.


How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales With Keepsakes

A keepsake can be anything that the deceased had collected over his or her lifetime. Perhaps, a picture or a photo album. Even small items like an engraved pen or a silver medallion may be considered keepsakes in the life of the deceased. If the deceased lived alone and was not closely related to any family members, then the keepsakes may be those items that were accumulated by the individual alone over the years. These items can be displayed in a bookcase or in a frame, but may be left behind for the family members to find years later. If the deceased had a favorite pet or any other type of memento that was very special to him or her, it may be considered keepsakes for the surviving family members to remember and enjoy.

Some families keep a memory box in their house in the form of an engraved book cover, which contains all of the keepsakes that have been collected. These may include a special photo album with photos of their loved one, special medication that was given to them by their loved one, or any other item that is meaningful to the surviving family members. If one or more of these items are rare and valuable, then it should be included in the funeral service program. It would also be nice to have a guest book with all of the guests listed in order of significance, so that family members will know who keepsakes belong to who.

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